Making the weather more accessible


Sally Webb was born in Leytonstone in north-east London, but moved to Brentwood, Essex when she was 2 years old. In July 2015, she then moved to Reigate, Surrey to live with her partner Dan. She attended St Thomas’ Primary and Junior School and St. Martin’s High School where she gained 10 GCSEs, 1 AS level and 4 A levels. On completing her A levels, Sally went on to study a BSc. (Hons) Geography degree at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, which she graduated from with a 2:1. Her interest in the weather led her to University of Birmingham, where she studied an MSc. Applied Meteorology and Climatology degree. This gave her the opportunity to specialise in meteorology, programming, physics and mathematics. Sally graduated from her MSc. course in 2011 with  a merit.

Sally then went on to join MeteoGroup UK as a meteorologist in November 2011 and continues to work there now. At MeteoGroup she has been able to put her understanding of meteorology into practice by analysing different weather models and writing weather forecasts for media, transport and utility companies. At MeteoGroup, Sally is also interviewed by reporters, both on camera and over the phone, as well as posting to the @WeatherCast_UK Facebook and Twitter sites.

In April 2015 Sally left the forecasting team and became a Meteorological Services Analyst. As a services analyst Sally programmed in bash, awk and sed creating new forecasts for clients, doing verification tasks and other general problem solving for clients. Although it is not directly using her meteorology background, there are times when Sally has to use her knowledge to explain to clients why something has occurred.

In February 2017 Sally left MeteoGroup and joined Neas Energy, part of the Centrica group as a Meteological Analyst and is currently working in this position. As a meteorological analyst Sally creates tools and applications for the traders along with working with weather data.

Sally’s other interests include swimming, rock climbing, cycling, painting, Tottenham Hotspur, socialising and playing PS3. In addition to these Sally also plays the clarinet and piano. Her favourite TV series include Star Trek Voyager, Farscape and the Big Bang Theory. She has a keen interest in travelling with a goal to visit all 7 continents by the time she’s 30.

On the 23rd February 2011 Sally set up WeatherWebb to make the weather more accessible to her friends and family. She attempts to post a forecast everyday and also tweets from @WeatherWebb

Sally graduating from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth in 2010

Sally graduating from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth in 2010